Every Journey has a Beginning

Several years ago I was reading through the parable of the servants entrusted with their master’s talents and the question the master posed to the servants upon his return was thus: What did you do with what I gave you? I felt that God was asking me the same. What are you doing with what I gave you? And I was like…um…what did you give me? What talent, gift, skill have you given me? I think I had been so busy looking at everyone else and their talents that I overlooked what God had given me. Writing.

It wasn’t like a heard an audible voice or saw a burning bush, the word “writing” just popped into my head. So I sat down to write a book. I had no clue where to start. I knew I wanted to write an allegory and I had point A, point G and point Z of my story. I was distressed about the rest, but my husband told to me to just sit down and write. And write I did. The basic story in its most roughest of forms poured from my mind and my fingers flew across the keyboard to keep up.

In the next couple of years I rewrote that book hundreds of times. Every time I got close to thinking I was done, I learned something new about writing fiction and had to rewrite it all over again. I’ve researched the internet, read books on writing and tried to apply what I had learned. Each time there was always something new. I felt like I was plowing dirt with my head and not getting very far, very fast.

In 2009 I was working hard at polishing that book up and getting it ready for a publisher. And like I said, when I think I am almost done, I learn something new. Although instead of rewriting the whole book, I am cutting this scene, adding this description, fleshing out my flat characters, all in attempt to make it the best I can before presenting it to an agent or an editor. But I am one step closer to the final product. Of course, once an editor or agent has accepted the book, I will probably have to edit it some more.

I am still learning as I think we all are, but I hope that I can at least help other writers from what I have learned, and by directing them to books and websites that I have found helpful as well.

Happy Writing!


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