Be a Hero

I didn’t remember this chapter. Maybe I blocked it from memory. 🙂 In Bell’s comparisons of a fool and a hero, the fool comes across as a little narcissistic and, unfortunately, I found some of my responses a little foolish. So is it just me, or do we all have a little fool in us? The good news:

A hero becomes a hero because of the choices he or she makes.

Back to the battle of the mind. I think that perhaps initially we all respond like a fool because of ignorance but as we learn and seek and make choices that are heroic, then we become a hero, but if we choose to ignore what we learn then we become a fool.

So, what say you?


5 thoughts on “Be a Hero

  1. Kessie says:

    There’s a fine line between being a fool and being a hero sometimes. I have traits of both. Trying to get more hero ones, though!

  2. Aaron DeMott says:

    Good advice.
    I’m really enjoying these posts so far, and I’d participate more in them if my copy of the book wasn’t back-ordered on Amazon…

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