No Pain, No Gain

A foundation in discipline is always the first step toward victory.

Discipline. We all need it.  In order to achieve success at anything, we need to be willing to do what it takes to get there. It’s the list of the don’t and the dos. Turn off the television, step away from the internet and other mindless activities that suck out our creative juices and waste away the hours. It’s setting aside time or taking advantage of opportunities to write when it’s near impossible to create an inflexible writing schedule. But at the same time, its about balance, moderation. How bad do you want to write? To get published? What are you willing to sacrifice?

Discipline will look different for each of us. I’ve not been able to come up with a word quota like Bell suggests. The closest I got to a quota was before I had kids. I used to sit down and map out the entire calendar year with what I’d like to see accomplished in my manuscript, going chapter by chapter, but at the time I was focusing on rewrites and edits. Anything before the rewrites gets a little hazy, but I do remember a color-coded schedule in there somewhere. Perhaps I will get to a word quota for the week later this year when I have some semblance of schedule again. I’m not opposed to it. It’s the very reason I love NaNoWriMo. It gets my rear-end in the chair, words on the screen and a story in the file. And when I make a regular habit out of writing, reading, editing, etc my creativity blossoms. But my babies come first.

So what say you? Do you agree with Bell’s word quota for the week? What does your “discipline” look like for you?


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