What? No magic pill?

A wise and well-respected writer once said, “Nobody knows anything.” Listen to him.

Many of us chase after conferences, workshops, magazines, books, etc to find that magical formula that will help us succeed. If we just do this like this then this will happen. As Bell pointed out, it really isn’t a business, because we should be able to expect a certain amount of return for our time and effort we put into our journey to publication. But its hit and miss.

The more and more I’ve researched the publishing industry and read books, blogs, and magazines on writing, the more I am finding that it comes down to writing a really, really good book. But even then it’s a gamble. What constitutes a good book? It differs for everyone, but certainly it must appeal to the masses. Or be hated enough to cause controversy and then everyone is getting their hands on a copy to figure out what’s the big deal.

So, where does that leave us? We must make our story the best it can be, send it off and then start the next story. Over and over again. One of these days we will strike it right and then we got to do it all over again.

So, what say you?



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