To whine or not to…

     Every moment spent whining about your writing career is a moment of creative energy lost.

Whine. Grumble. Complain. Mutter. Bellyache. Gripe. We all do it at one point or another. Some just hide it better than others. This chapter is short, but the thought is powerful and applies to anything and everything about life. Several years ago, I was in the middle of beating myself up over the head again for not accomplishing what I wanted that day and then bam, an idea occurred to me.

     You are wasting energy. Nothing you say will change what did or did not happen.

It’s the same thing with whining and complaining. Sure, we could disguise it as a need to express ourselves. To vent and it get it off our chest, but do we really? I only seem to dig a deeper hole of self-pity filled to the brim with condemnation. Oh, what we can do when we are freed from that!

Have you experienced that freedom? Where we stop whining about all the red ink bleeding over our manuscripts, the onslaught of rejections, the hateful reviews, all the injustice, the crappy economy, the industry sinking, the whole world going to hell… Complaining consumes us, wastes our time, and kills our creativity. Let’s put it behind us and move on.

     I, Jennette, being of sound mind and body, do solemnly commit to keep my grousing to myself…

But I might cry. And then move on. 🙂

So, what say you? Did you make a commitment to forgo whining?


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