Worry much?

Yeah, we all do.

Don’t worry about being worried, and don’t let worry drag you down.

Worry is a byproduct of fear and fear paralyzes. In order to succeed, we have to face our fears and keep on keeping on. So, worry aside… Chapter sixteen is pretty basic and kind of a reiteration of the previous chapter, but this one came with a visual. 🙂 So I had to include my version of Bell’s diagram. I take no credit for it.



I hadn’t thought about this pyramid concept before when it came to writing. I’ve considered my journey more of a linear approach and I’m not sure what to think about climbing the steps toward publication. Bell points out that as we advance upward there are less and less people on each level working toward the same goal. Is that encouraging? But what if I’m not the one advancing? Good news! We have the power to change that. At least, according to Mr. Bell.  So:

“Your job…is to keep moving up the pyramid. Each level presents its own challenges, so concentrate on the ones right in front of you.”

It’s a whole lot easier to think on the things that are in front of us rather than all the possible what-ifs ahead of us as well as all the time we waste on worrying about past events, mistakes, and other people’s opinions, progress, etc.

Let’s take this opportunity to figure out where we are on the pyramid. Once we know where we are, we can take a look at our writing and determine what we need to do to take ourselves to the next level.

I’m somewhere in the middle of Bell’s pyramid. I’m no longer a wanna be, I’m a gonna be 🙂 Anyways…

I’ve finished one novel and I’m working on another. My challenges are: tighter prose, exploring/expressing my art, riveting plot & characters, adding the “layers” to the novel, etc. But the challenges don’t end with just the craft. We also have a myriad of other things to learn that would fall in to the business category: researching agents, editors, industry news, social media, etc.

So what say you? Does the pyramid imagery work for you? Where are you at and what are doing to take your writing to the next level?




3 thoughts on “Worry much?

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  2. jilldomschot says:

    It seems like the purple is where so many of us get stuck, but as you rightly point out, there are less people at that level. Still, the competition is steep. What am I doing? Waiting.

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