Creative Endeavors

My most recent creative endeavor is a pencil sketch for Anne Elisabeth Stengl’s art contest. We were to create something inspired by her Tales of Goldstone Wood fantasy series. I’ve read her first book Heartless and I loved it! So much so that I intend to read all of her books in this series which keeps growing by the way. I think she is up to four books now and one on the way.  Heartless won the Christy Award in 2011 and her second novel, Veiled Rose, is a finalist for the 2012 Christy Award. Check her out, if you haven’t already. Brilliance, I say. What a ride! Although, I should really get cracking at reading the rest of her books. 🙂 If you like “fantasy adventure novels told in the classic Fairy Tale style” then these books are for you!

The drawing I entered is a picture of Una when she hears the truth about her beloved jester. Originally, I had wanted to draw an image of Una’s wedding and capture her relishing her joy and freedom. Alas, I seem to be drawn to the darker side of reality. If you’d like to check out the other entries, you can find them at:


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