Transformation Part 2

Last Wednesday I posted before pictures of our home. You can find that here. Today, we’ll look at some pictures of the process. We couldn’t do any of this without the help of our dear friends. BIGGEST thank you to you all!  Crazy times.

First, we were just going to paint over the paneling, so our little girl’s room ended up with paint over paneling, but later we decided to texture the living room and dining room and then paint it.

The kitchen was gutted. Hadn’t intended for the box-thingy to fall off the ceiling, but so glad it did in the end.

I helped scrape the old glue and linoleum until I hammered my hand one too many times and I had a knot the size of an egg on my hand.

I enjoyed learning to stain the cabinets. At first, I was nervous, thinking I would end up with black cabinets because I did it all wrong, but a friend showed me how to do it. It was so easy and fun! I’m looking for other things I can stain for artistic purposes. 🙂

Next Wednesday, we’ll look at the final pictures. Stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Transformation Part 2

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