Remind Thyself

A gentle reminder can deliver great force at just the right time.


We all need reminding every now and again. We can get lost in the big picture or overwhelmed with the details. No matter what gigantic task we are undertaking, it’s nice to remember why we are doing it in the first place and what we need to do to accomplish it.

In the Art of War for Writers, James Scott Bells asks us “What are your most important reminders?”

These reminders could be anything from writer tips to rules we tend to break to the heart of the story or why we write to limiting our social media time.

Yep, that last one has been a real bugger for me recently. I start out checking my email and keeping up with some of the blogs I follow, perhaps some “research”, and then the next thing I know I’m staring at the computer screen chasing after shadows of reality rather then living and doing what I need to be doing.  I have been thinking about what my list might be…

1. Show, don’t tell

2. Get off the internet

3. Write, write, write and then edit.

4. Balance: take time to relax and feed the muse

These reminders aren’t carved in stone. They will change as we change. Each season of life will require something different from us, but if we take a moment to step back and contemplate our goals and our current projects, these little reminders will help us to focus and keep on keeping on.

So what say you? What are your “gentle” reminders?


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