Another Surprise!

Living a life balanced between reality and dreams…

Well, my husband and I’ve been contemplating the landscaping around our new home and we keep finding pleasant discoveries like the Daylily I shared a couple of weeks back. This time I’m pretty sure the flowering bushes out front are Gardenias! They smell lovely.

I don’t have a green thumb, so I better get to researching how I’m supposed to be caring for all these green things like lawns for instance. Oh, so much to learn! I’ll have to share a picture of my little pepper, okra, and cucumber garden next week. Its doing rather well…er…minus the two pepper plants that completely disappeared roots and all.  Hopefully, we’ll get around to planting some roses and morning glories, and then maybe some other green, flowery things. We shall see. We have a lot of dreams and plans for landscaping. Did I mention my husband is a visionary? 🙂


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