A Possible Green Thumb

Living a life balanced between dreams and reality…

Well, Wednesday is getting off to a late start for me. I had plans to update y’all on our little garden that I posted about back in April. It didn’t dawn on me until I was checking my email that I had a post due. Ha! So I ran outside and took this picture of our little garden. I haven’t killed it yet, so perhaps my thumbs have a bit of green in them. Yes, I know, I’ve got some weeding to do, but the plants are looking pretty swell, huh? Unfortunately, three of them completely disappeared, roots and all. Mysterious, huh? Hmmm…what if there’s these alien dudes living in the ground and…yeah…there could be a story here. 😉

At any rate, we’ve eaten some cucumbers and peppers. I, not having any clue about the okra, watched it grow wondering when we should pick it and what we would do with it when we did. My husband got excited about them. I didn’t know he liked okra, but apparently, he had something special planned. Some of you know my husband is from Zambia, Africa. Sometimes he cooks, and when he does, yum! So we were looking forward to his Zambian okra concoction. Unfortunately, the okra was little “old”. Still, we were determined not to waste it. We swirled our chunks of nshima (a thick cornmeal mixture you eat with your hands) into the juices of the okra, tomato, onion dish. Delicious. Even my little picky eater sucked on the okra hulls. This time, we’ll be watching the okra closely.


One thought on “A Possible Green Thumb

  1. Gabrielle Meyer says:

    It must be amazing to have your hubby make some authentic African food! I’d love to taste it. The best Dave can offer me is a T-bone steak grilled to perfection. 🙂 Your garden looks great. I have no green thumb, which is unfortunate and ironic given that my husband is a horticulturalist. Our landscaping is beautiful, courtesy of Dave, but we have no vegetable garden.

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