I love maps. Especially the full wall maps, or the old world globe kind. As a kid, I would sit there and fill up a chalk board with landmasses, oceans, and squiggly rivers, making up names by way of throwing together letters and seeing how they feel on my tongue. This was way before I even knew anything about fantasy books and all their fine maps. See, its in my blood!

Yes. I am a nerd. Although, I don’t think of myself like that, I’m just me. exploring, creating, learning, being…

So it goes without saying that I draw up maps for my stories. This is the map of Nälu. My first serious novel.


As a teen, I started at least two stories that I can remember. One I burned, the other I completely forgotten about until recently. That was probably a good thing, since it turned out to be more of a knock-off of that black and white film where this guy sails through this mist and starts forever shrinking and battles a big, ol’ spider. My guy and gal drank a magical drink and shrunk…yeah, it was probably a little influenced by Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, too, but mine was a lot more grim.

Anyways, as I was saying… I’ve sketched a couple of rough maps for a few of my other story, but they’ll remain under wraps for now. Unfortunately, maps, according to Diana Wynne Jones, have become a little cliche among the fantasy genre. Bummer.

So, what do you think? Do you like maps, real or not?


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