For The Love Of Reading

so many books, so little time…

I love reading books, all different flavors, cross genres, cross age-ranges, well…almost all of them. I love the adventure of being swept away in another place, time, world, and moved to tears or laughter or both. Perhaps even better than a movie, albeit more time consuming. The experience of reading a really good novel is richer, more purposeful and it sticks with us longer, but then you add some really good music to a bunch of characters sword-fighting, and bam, you got some lingering connections…maybe…

Back to books: Sometimes I want something light and fun. Sometimes I can handle a deeper story that makes me think. Either way, I’m always looking for the next great adventure. And I don’t have to wait until my kiddos go to bed to enjoy something other than kid movies, I can read it!

My love for books and their experience is why I write. My desire is to create stories that does the same for the readers as other stories have done for me. Adventure, action, the hero/heroine questing about, saving the world or just themselves, all with a touch of romance. I’m working on it, but I don’t want to lose that love of reading, like a writer friend posted recently. No, I want to enjoy reading. Forever–well, until I die anyways. So–will you help me find some awesome books? What are some of your favorites and why do you love them? And I’ll be writing up a few posts about some of my favorite books as well. Whoohoo, let’s get started!

Happy reading!


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