Home Sweet Home

Eleven days can seem so short, yet seem so long.

We took the kids to Tennessee and Georgia to see Nana Ferrell, the cousins, (auntie & uncle too!) and we had all sorts of cool things planned. We were going to go to Dollywood, see the Smoky Mountains, watch fireworks and hang out with some dear friends. We were looking forward to some relaxation, reconnecting, and rejuvenation.

The vacation started out grand. The kids did great in the car and enjoyed Nana immensely. I even got to go, kidless, with Nana to swim some laps and soak in a Jacuzzi. Oh…there is no words for that! Dollywood had their Kidfest going on and it was great. The kids got to see the Gazillion Bubble Show and ride the carousel and the little kiddie rides. They loved it. So far so good.

And then it hit. Only a few days in our youngest catches a  stomach bug, then my oldest, then me hubby and then me. We were pretty much out of commission from Tuesday night until Friday night. Sigh. But even the ickiest times can be counted as blessings. We would have been in the mountains when the severe weather hit. Trees downed, roads blocked, power outages, people were stranded and few were killed. Right where we would have been. Crazy.

But now we are home. Although, I think we can say Tennessee is our third home and we will be planning another trip in a few years. As many times as my hubby has been to Tennessee, he has yet to “see” the Smoky Mountains. One of these days.

What about you? Any vacations or trips planned this summer?


3 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Amy Sanchez says:

    What a blessing the inconvenience of a stomach bug turned out to be. I’m so glad you made it there and back safely. And, I’m glad you got a minute out for yourself 🙂

  2. J. L. Mbewe says:

    Thanks Amy! Great to see you here!

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