Mystery Flower

I found this flower growing where we used to live. It would bloom once a year, during spring. Too bad we couldn’t take it with us, but at least the people who move in down there will have a nice surprise next year. I’m thinking its a type of lily. Anybody know what kind of flower this is?


4 thoughts on “Mystery Flower

  1. C.L. Dyck says:

    My gut says fritillaria, but I’m not sure the petals are exactly right…

    • J. L. Mbewe says:

      I’ve looked up the fritillaria, I’ve never seen one like that before. The bud growing downward like bells is kind of cool. On Facebook someone said its a spider lily. Isn’t that a cool name? Thanks for stopping by!

      • C.L. Dyck says:

        I’m woefully inadequate on southern flora, except for the few that make their way here as bulbs that get lifted and stored in winter, or as house plants. I’ve seen a spider lily variant in coastal catalogues (milder climates) that’s white, but I can’t even think of growing ’em here. They are very cool, though.

  2. J. L. Mbewe says:

    I used to love looking those magazines and dream about some courtyard garden I would have one day….some day. 🙂

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