Day by Day

August and all my commitments have converged upon me, and I go and remove my wisdom teeth. Probably not the best timing as I really need to be functioning at full capacity. Hopefully my mouth will be healed up by the time Thanksgiving and Christmas gets here. What’s life without all the yummies? I really want to try and make some truffles. Got any good recipes?

Oh yeah! & some chips & dip, anything crunchy!

So needless to say I’ve been dealing with dental stuff all week due to dry sockets. And as I look at this upcoming weekend, I’m hoping I will be pain free, but as I write this, I have a twang of doubt beginning to throb in the back of jaw and ear. Joy.

One thing I learned through all this craziness minus the extraction that when I’m not having panic attacks, I can function pretty well under pressure. It’s like I’ve got blinders on and I’m focusing (trying to) on the here and now, and I won’t allow myself to venture beyond today. Just day by day, moment by moment. Otherwise I’ll need my husband to crack of few jokes before I succumb to anxiety.

That said, I’ve not written anything in a month. Its driving me bonkers, but I can feel myself shifting and getting ready. I’ll be writing soon. I can just feel it. So for now, I’m making lists, keeping my commitments and my head above the water.

How about you? Do lists help you organize your thoughts and priorities, or make it worse? What do you do to keep things running smooth?

Disclaimer: running smooth is a relative term perhaps functioning is a better word?


4 thoughts on “Day by Day

  1. Margie Hiemenz says:

    I have always made lists of what I need or wanted to do for that day. It helps me remember what it was that I wanted to try to accomplish that particular day. Try…that is a big word…kind of in the catagory of “if”.

    • J. L. Mbewe says:

      Ha! I’ve got the list-making habit from you! 😉 Sometimes I don’t make lists, but when everything is coming at me at once and I don’t want to drop the ball, I’ve got to make lists. I even gone so far as to create an Excel print out of all the housekeeping things I need to do each month, weekly, bi-weekly. But gone are the days of color-coded scheduling, for now. Yeah, I’m a little OCD 😀

  2. James Mbewe says:

    I was trying so hard not to make you laugh this past week. I was afraid you will loose more than wisdom if I do. Here comes the tickle monster!

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