Flash Fiction

What the heck is that? Recently, I tried my hand at writing a short, short story in less than 600 words for a contest. Among those words, I had to include runes, sparkle, lobster, hypethral, and collectibles, and all somehow related to the fact that I just brought home a bit of fluff. Well, there went ten of my words. 

At first, I was like. Nah, I’m not even going to try it, but then, with the lure of the Amazon gift card, I decided to take the chance. Eek. I honestly have no idea how I wove all those things together in a short, short story that actually made sense, but it was fun!

The voting begins tomorrow. How exciting! I would love for you all to go and vote. There are some interesting stories there. But here’s the catch, I can’t tell you which one is mine. That, my friends, will be revealed after the voting. 🙂

You can see the stories here.

If you’re interested in how flash fiction can help hone your skills as a writer, check out this post by Tommie Lyn

And the voting begins! Find the poll here. Now until September 8th. Go vote for your favorite flash fiction piece. They’ll announce the winners on September 10th and then I will let you know which one was mine that following Wednesday. 🙂

Hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend! Any special plans?


One thought on “Flash Fiction

  1. […] Have you been to the Reader’s Realm and read the Flash Fiction pieces? Which ones did you like? Which did you think was mine? If you haven’t been over there yet, there’s still time to vote. Polls close tomorrow! If you’re just now joining us, an introductory post can be found here. […]

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