My First Flash Fiction

Well, I didn’t win, but my lovely friend, Lynn, did. Yea! You can find her story here.

So without further ado:

Fluff Gone Wrong

I rushed home with the box under my arm. The neighbors raised their eyebrows, but I didn’t slow down. Not for the likes of them. Would they even believe me? It might appear to be just a bit of fluff, but I knew better. Ha! You might think I’m old and senile, but I’m Miss Figglesworth, and if you don’t know me, then mores the pity on you. Now where was I? Oh, the box!

This little bit of fluff is worth all the strange stares in the world. See, it’s magical. Every night when the sun kisses the earth, the white ball of fluff will sparkle and glitter. The man told me so, and I believed him. Such a pretty thing, really, and I just had to have it. I sat it on the shelf along with all my other odd assortment of collectibles like miniature buildings of antiquity, polished stones, and wooden horses. To celebrate such a miraculous find, I thought it only appropriate to feast on lobster and wine. Scrumptious indeed!

When night finally overtook the day, I stared at the little fluff. Nothing. Had the man lied? No sooner had I picked up the fluff, it began to sparkle and glitter. Wind blasted through the window and shattered the glass. My room spun, and all my precious collectibles crashed to the floor. What was going on? A vortex of wind and light swirled open before me and groaned. I held on to the fluff, squishing it in my palm. Then the ground shifted, and I slipped into the vacuum. I either floated or fell—I couldn’t tell.

Sometime later, I collided with sand and light. I lay there, blinking my eyes, still clutching the fluff. Finally, I stood and brushed off the sand. I glanced around. Walls made from white stone surrounded me and stretched into the sky. It was some kind of hypethral, like a coliseum or something. Had I just fallen back in time? Maybe the lobster was bad, and I was having some sort of hallucination.

I went over to the wall and ran my hand over the runes cut into the stone. Perhaps I was in Greece, but the inscription sure didn’t look like Greek to me. A loud horn blared above me, and I spun around. Gears ground, and a piece of the wall lifted. A huge lion darted into the arena. My breath caught, and my pulse raced.

The lion stretched and yawned. More like showing off his incisors, if you ask me. He swung his large, hairy head one way, then the other like a boxer preparing for a fight. Finally, his golden eyes rested on me. His tail twitched, and I swallowed. I scanned the circular wall for an exit but found none. I clenched my teeth. He loped toward me, and I took off faster than I ever thought possible. Ha! I bet you didn’t think I had it in me. I ran for all I was worth. Death had never been nearer than now. So much for magical, sparkly fluff.

The fluff!

My ticket home. Right then and there, I vowed to strangle that man upon my return. He’d better give me a refund or he’d find himself on some crazy time trip of his own. ‘Course, it could’ve been the lobster. Nevertheless, he’d be sorry for scamming a little old lady. I darted away from the outstretched paw, and the lion tumbled into the wall. Here was my chance!

I unclenched my hand, but the fluff was gone.



6 thoughts on “My First Flash Fiction

  1. Love it, Jennette! I felt I was there with Miss Figglesworth! 🙂 I especially loved the story world and your descriptive words.

  2. Lynn Donovan says:

    Good job Jennette! I think you are awesome with short story! You keep saying differently, but I disagree! The October contest has been posted. *tap tap* I’m thiiiinnnkkkiiinnnggg! TeeHee!

    • J. L. Mbewe says:

      thanks Lynn! The flash fiction I think is way easier than short story 🙂 but our collaborating short story has helped. I must go check out the October contest, but I think I might busy polishing up a certain manuscript for submission 🙂

  3. Catherine Johnson says:

    That is awesome! So magical with an intriguing ending.

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