To Walk Among Thorns

One must be honest

And not care what the world would say

We are called as such

To walk among thorns

And not to turn back


If I could just let go

Could I move people the way I am moved?

Or am I without expression?

What are these bars that hold me back

The veil that shrouds my understanding

Let me go

Let me go


If I could would I?

To walk where thorns grow

Or do I dance to a recorded tune

Fear has blinded me

And here I am

Here I am


Pour me out

Empty me

For nothing else matters

But You


9 thoughts on “To Walk Among Thorns

  1. Catherine Johnson says:

    Beautiful, Jennette! I’m so pleased you posted it šŸ™‚

  2. Yes, very beautiful! Great job!

  3. sunnie says:

    It’s a brilliant job,it encourages me.

  4. John Gray says:

    Powerful, I definately feel this. Yes, it is encouraging…you posting it is encouraging. God bless you.

  5. […] Throughout seasons in my life I have songs, verses, quotes that speak to me, move me, encourage me, reach me.Ā  Where words fail, these songs reach deep inside, they resonate and release me from myself.Ā  They are my companions on this journey. Some stay with me forever like Find me in the River by Delirious. Hurt by Johnny Cash, which inspired my poem, To Walk Among Thorns. […]

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