Surprise! Duh.

Months ago, a writerly friend of mine put out a request for short stories for an anthology, and I thought, what the heck, why not? How hard could it be to write a short story? It’s like trying to hold a slippery fish verses wrestling with a one ton cow who is content on chewing her smelly cud.

Well, I wrote a story, submitted it, but then I forgot all about it until a week or so ago when she revealed the cover. Do you think reality sank in then? No. Sometimes this momma fog is so dense my brain cells quit knocking together. Then the other day one of the other authors contributing to the anthology shared the cover, so I looked at it again. What??? My name is on the cover? Reality check. My name is on a book cover! Crazy. I’ve been breaking out in smiles, maybe tears, don’t mind me. I’m a momma, with momma fog, crawling after my dream. 🙂

Here she is: Isn’t she beautiful?

Designed by Marcy Rachel Designs.

More details to come!


5 thoughts on “Surprise! Duh.

  1. Catherine Johnson says:

    Wow, that is beautiful! Huge congrats Jennette, so happy for you!

  2. It is a beautiful cover. Congratulations!

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