First Publications

Okay, I think the excitement and delirium are finally fading. Maybe.

Maybe it’s like we’ve been pushing our boulder up a mountain, and we’ve finally reached the top. Whoohoo! Let’s celebrate! Mind you, don’t look too far ahead on our journey, or we’ll see the other, taller mountain peaks disappearing into a cloudy misty.

No, we shall save that for another day. Instead, we  celebrate our small victories, and we keep on keeping on, but this time it’s all downhill. Everything is speeding up. We have to stay one step ahead of our rolling boulder or it will squash us. Ever feel like that?

Keep on keeping.

Hope you all have a great weekend! 🙂


6 thoughts on “First Publications

  1. Tim Ward says:

    That’s awesome, J.L.! Keep up the great work!

  2. Catherine Johnson says:

    Congrats 🙂

  3. Hey JL, congratulations! I’m so happy for you.

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