NaNoWriMo & An Interview

November is here! I’m writing this thinking about…well…too many things…must focus! National Novel Writing Month is upon us, and I’ve been living in denial. I said I was going to do, and I am going to do it. But it seems once I put a goal like that out there, the whole world is out to get me. Ha!

Participant 180x180 (2)

First, I changed my mind on which project I am going to do. I’m no longer going to write book three in my current trilogy. Instead, I’m going to attempt a rewrite of an old NaNo project from 2009. I think this one has some potential, and it isn’t riddled with all the mistakes a newbie makes. It’s got new ones. Ha!

Have I looked at my outline? Nope. But I’ve been brainstorming and trying to develop two secondary characters who aren’t introduced until the end of the book. What? Well, they play important parts, trying to sabotage the quest and all, but I need to figure out what type of creature they are. They have to be special and be able to fly. I’ve been combing through mythology sites, books, etc trying to find the right one. My first inclination is a griffin, but I’m not satisfied with that. I could make up my own winged creature, but it would be easier to just pick something from mythology that everyone is familiar, but we shall see. Ideas are brewing.

Next week, we have a special guest visiting us. Rebecca P. Minor, author of Curse Bearer and The Windrider Saga, has so graciously accepted my invitation. Whoohoo, party in the house. Starting Monday, we’ll chat about her books, her writerly habits and other fun stuff throughout the week. So stop in, say hi, ask questions, and watch for the giveaway. 🙂 Yo Ho will continue the following week. 🙂

Y’all have a great weekend!



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