Zinging Dialogue

Dialogue can rock your story or squash it. It can be stilted, or it can sing. It can do double duty like giving glimpse into who are characters are or slipping in backstory through an exchange about something entirely different. We have dialogue between people or animals or aliens depending on your story, internal dialogue if we are deep third person point of view or first person, and then we have narrative dialogue.

The clever use of narrative dialogue will avoid the sin of small talk. James Scott Bell, The Art of War for Fiction Writers.

See, there are times for telling.

But there are so many good blog posts, articles out there tackling the many facets of dialogue, I figured I’d share what I’ve found and let you browse to your heart’s content.

Writing Dialogue – Tips

Three Common Dialogue Challenges and How to Beat them

Five Basics about Dialogue You Need to Know

Seven Ways to Add Variety to Your Dialogue

Internal dialogue: The Voices in Your Head

How to Make Deep POV Enrich Your Internal Dialogue 

Jeff Gerke’s Writing Tips. Wealth of information here and has been compiled into the book, The Art & Craft of Writing Christian Fiction. Although it’s geared toward the Christian market, its has a lot of good writing tips.

#14  Speech Attributes

#41  Stick with said

#46  The Secrets of Good Dialogue, Part 1

#47  The Secrets of Good Dialogue, Part 2

#48  The Secrets of Good Dialogue, Part 3

#49  The Secrets of Good Dialogue, Part 4

Other good resources:

Self-Editing for Fiction Writers by Renni Brown & Dave King

Writing Fiction for Dummies by Randy Ingermanson & Peter Economy



2 thoughts on “Zinging Dialogue

  1. Thanks so much for the link love 🙂 JSB, Jeff Gerke and Randy Ingermanson are a few of my go-to references too.

    • J. L. Mbewe says:

      No problem! When I saw your post on FB earlier about dialogue, I was like why reinvent the wheel. Ha! I agree, I have JSB’s The Art of War for Writers, & Ingermanson’s Writing Fiction for Dummies.

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