The 365 Day Challenge

Sometimes its hard to be thankful. Too often I’ve found myself thinking more about what I don’t have verses what I do have.  But what a difference it makes, when we see through our circumstances and short-comings, and give thanks. And the blessings just pour down.

This year we will be celebrating our first Thanksgiving in our house and my hubby came home the other day with the great idea to create a thankful tree. This is a man after my own heart. I love trees. He calls it the 365 Day Challenge. Starting November 22nd, we’ll give thanks and count our blessings each day throughout the year by writing it on paper leaves and gluing it to the tree. So this afternoon, I’ll paint the skeleton of a tree, and my hubby will hang it in our dining room/kitchen. I’ll have to post a picture this Friday. It might look something like the above tree, except not as…busy. I got a little carried away. 🙂

For those celebrating Thanksgiving in the United States, what are y’alls plans? For those outside of the USA, does your country have a national holiday where you give thanks?

However you will be spending Thursday, I hope it will be great.


One thought on “The 365 Day Challenge

  1. […] I shared about our 365 Day Challenge. Throughout the year, we are going to write down what we are thankful for on paper leaves and glue […]

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