Our Beautiful Melody

After we had Sam, I dreaded going through labor again, so when we got pregnant, I was excited and fearful. I was a mess, but I prayed and prayed and prayed.

Her due date was supposed to have been December 8th, but when November came, the midwives had their doubts. She would be a Turkey baby; I said no way. Thanksgiving came and went, and I was working hard at finishing the mural for our church’s nursery. I knew once she came, I wasn’t going anywhere.

November 29. I did not sleep well the whole weekend. I had my check-up that morning, so we had to be up early morning to take my hubby to work. My two year old son and I would hang out at church as I put on the finishing touches of the mural. That morning I told God I couldn’t have this baby, not yet, not until December 1st, but if it was going to be tonight, then He was going to have to help me because there was no way I was ready.

James holding Ariah

Check-up went fine. Painted the rest of the afternoon, albeit, I had to lay down every so often. I just knew the time was drawing near, but I was in denial. The church had planned a little baby shower that evening, so after finishing the mural we went straight over to the pastor’s house, and my water breaks just as the guests were arriving. No warning, no contractions, and nobody had a pad. Luckily I had a pack of Depends in the back of the car. I just happened to have our suitcase for the hospital with us. Never underestimate the power of Depends after you’ve given birth, and maybe before. 🙂

Anyways, so we’re at the baby shower and some of our friends are freaking out, thinking we needed to be on the way to the hospital, but I didn’t have contractions. It was a little surreal. So we stayed and enjoyed the rest of the evening, ending it with everyone praying for me, and for the first time I had peace about going through labor again. Then we went back home, I showered, put in my contacts. Being able to see what’s going on makes the world of difference, not that I wanted to see anything down south. Just the midwives faces, the clock on the wall, the face of our soon-to-born little girl.

He loves his baby sister.

We took our sweet time getting to the hospital, right around 10:30 or so. And I have to say, I cannot imagine anybody in actual labor sitting through the whole sign-in process. The amount of paperwork was massive! And having to sign off on all these permission sheets, just in case. Nobody in the throes of labor will be thinking straight enough to do all that. In case you’re wondering, our son’s birth was at a birthing center, and that’s a whole other story for a different time. Ha!

After we got checked-in, it was after midnight, and they said they’d have to induce if I didn’t start contractions soon. I wasn’t happy about that. My hubby and I walked and walked for the next hour. I really wanted to get in the whirlpool tub, but I was afraid of slowing any kind of progress down, but by 1 AM, I was thinking, maybe I should go enjoy those bubbles. LOVE water.

Then BAM. The contractions hit. At one point I started thinking about what kind of pain meds I could take that wouldn’t have some kind of negative affect, and then a thought hit me. I’ve already done this once, and I could do it again. Instant peace and change came over me. I was no longer fighting the pain. I embraced it. Weird as it was, I noticed I wasn’t clenching my fists, but relaxing. Soon after, I felt like pushing.

I was like. No. It’s too early. The midwife checked in on us. I was in denial. It was too soon, but sure enough, it was time to push. Three pushes later and out came our beautiful little girl, born at 2:45 AM. And I was exhilarated. The whole experience was amazing. Then I was really, really cold.

Happy birthday Ariah, our beautiful melody. We love you!


6 thoughts on “Our Beautiful Melody

  1. James Mbewe says:

    Happy birthday Ariah! You are such a beautiful little angel. I remember holding you in my arms like it was yesterday.

  2. Congratulations – what a beautiful little girl! Praying all continues to go well – I bet no one will ever forget your baby shower!

  3. Char Newcomb says:

    She’s beautiful! What a lovely family. 🙂

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