Review Night and Day

The Difference Between Night and Day by Melissa Turner Lee

Nathaniel is a monster. Just like us. Except we can hide it better. Unfortunately for him, he’s a vampire which makes it a whole lot harder to exercise self-control. He’s also a Christian with a skewed view of God until he meets Lilly who has her own monsters and is a little different than most young women he knows.

The characters. They live on. I really liked Nathaniel, but who wouldn’t? He wears leather, drives a Harley, has super powers of sorts, and he’s a gentleman. When we first go into Lilly’s point of view, I wanted to go back to his, but she won me over as well.

The story. It’s slower than the ones I usually read, but then I tend to go for more action. A few times, I wondered when what the story has been building to would come about, but in no way was I bored, and it did come together beautifully. I thought it was cool how the author didn’t avoid the tough questions in regards to the faith of the characters as well as how she handled the vampire lore. There’s a lot of Bible stuff but it fits the characters, because Nathaniel used to be a minister who thought believers were exempt from dark times as the blurb says. It’s his story. One of redemption and love.

Overall, I enjoyed the read. I was definitely caught up in the story. If you like sweet romance, with a touch of the fantastic, you might like this.

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