Review: The Earth Painter


The Earth Painter

The Earth Painter by Melissa Turner Lee. The premise is awesome. You have Painters that painted the world into being, which of course the Sciences had to “tweak”, and a Sculpture who molded humans and gave life to everything. But that was way back in the beginning, now all the Painters and Sciences do, is sit around playing cards. Then a teenager notices a Painter and falls in love.

This is the story of Holly Scruggs. Just before her senior year of high school, her dad loses his job, and they return to her family’s hometown to start over. But this new lifestyle doesn’t fit his wife’s idea of how her life should have turned out, but Holly is just beginning to discover her own life and learns to find her own voice.

This is a sweet romance with a twist in the end that leaves us wanting to read the next book. I read The Earth Painter a little over a year ago, and the characters and their plight stayed with me. I thought I would just skim through and write a review, but no. The characters wouldn’t let me just skim.

This month AltWit Press is doing a Painter Series Book Launch with a giveaway of a Kindle or a signed copy. Check it out! The Earth Painter is on sale at Amazon until the end of March for $.99 in celebration of it’s re-release. You can also find it at Barnes and Noble for the Nook or in Paperback. But stay tuned! The Man Painter is coming soon. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

Melissa Turner Lee is the author of The Difference Between Night and Day, The Earth Painter, The Man Painter and is currently working on a joint project with author Pauline Creeden.


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