Teardrop Campers?

Lynn Donovan

Never heard of them until my friend, Lynn Donovan, showed me a picture of one and I was like, oh yeah, I’ve seen one of those. She has an adventurous story of sorts to share with us about one she built with her husband. Please welcome Lynn!

Have you ever heard of a teardrop trailer?

December of 2006, my husband, Paul, and I worked for his parents at a GMC dealership. He was the Parts Manager in the back, and I was the Car Rental Manager up front. One day, I walked past his counter on my way to the wash bay. Okay, to be honest it was an excuse to flirt with him, but I digress…

He called out to me. “Hey, have you ever seen these?”

He turned his computer monitor around and showed me a slideshow of some teardrop trailers. I was so shocked. Because a while back I had seen a special on TV about the little campers. I thought they looked awesome! They are small, teardrop shaped campers. Most of them weigh less than two-thousand pounds and are easily pulled by cars and trucks. The galley is at the back, under a lift up hatch. And the owners sleep inside of a space about the size of a queen size mattress. Some are covered with aluminum and other have a wood skin.

I told him I thought they were wonderful! I’d love to have one.

Now he was shocked. He never expected me to be interested in the compact camping. I never expected him to be interested due to the fact that he’s six foot two and…let’s call it, a “well-fed” man.

I told him I’d love to build one of those and go camping. He showed me a teardrop forum where other teardrop owners got together online and visited. They posted gatherings, pictures, designs, and other helpful things. We connected with the forum and started getting to know some of the people.

He downloaded some designs and asked me again if I’d like to build one. He just couldn’t believe I wanted to do this. I suppose most women don’t like to camp without the hotel-like luxuries of an RV or such. But I love it and really wanted to do this!

There was a gathering in Nebraska that summer. We had six months to build our camper in order to be ready to go. I adamantly agreed we should give it a try.

A month before the gathering, I was posting on the forum that we might have to bring our camper on a flat bed, but we were coming! The people on the forum were like, “No problem. You wouldn’t be the first person to bring an unfinished camper to the gathering.”


However, with a lot of late nights and hard work, we had the camper on the frame, wheels in place, expoxy on the exterior and mattresses inside. The night before we were to leave, we were hooking up lights and other final necessities to make it street legal. (Mind you we were doing this in the service bay of the dealership.) We had our Yorkshire terrier, Binx, with us and the overhead doors open. It was after Midnight. We planned to leave at six in the morning, so we were tired and grumpy, but we had to get these things done, or we couldn’t go. (You get the picture.)

Binx started making a Rottweiler growl and his hair stood up on his back. We thought he was seeing the pack of wild dogs that sometimes hang out at the dealership. My husband hissed at him, “Binx, shut up!”

About that time Binx took off running out the opened door, and Paul was right behind him yelling, “Binx, Get. Back. Here!”


Three cops met him at the open door, their hands on their guns in their holsters.

“Oh crap!”

Luckily, he knew one of them personally.

That one, Pervis, realized we were not burglars and relaxed. So, here we are up against a deadline, tired and needing to go to bed, but they stand around and talk for like thirty minutes! Men!!!  *eyeroll*

I couldn’t help but laugh. We almost got shot! But it was funny in hindsight.

Anyway. We did go on to the Nebraska gathering. We loved every minute of the experience, and the people. People who camp in teardrop campers walk around the campsite and visit with other campers. People who camp in RVs stay to themselves and watch TV. I don’t get that! I’m a visitor by nature anyway…so this is perfectly suited to my personality! We made life-long friends whom we have stayed in contact with to this day. We have been to the Nebraska gathering several times along with another annual gathering in Colorado near the Royal Gorge.

It was at the Royal Gorge gathering, we fell in love with the Cañon City area. We are now land owners in that area and plan to build a log home in a couple of years.

Oh and by the way, my book, The Wishing Well Curse, is set in Cañon City too.  Coincidence? Me thinks not.

…And to think it all started with a stumble onto a teardrop web site!

 lynn teardrop camper

This is a view from the galley. You can see inside the sleeping area (sort of) and that’s Paul standing by the SUV. Oh, the dog, that’s Honey, our golden retriever. Binx is somewhere chasing rabbits, I’m sure!


Lynn Donovan writes from her heart and her passion for Jesus Christ. She is a daughter, wife, mother of four and grandmother of seven who has five decades of experiences to draw from when creating her stories. She categorizes herself as the “sandwich generation” because she is caring for her mother who has Alzheimer’s and is one child away from an empty nest. Besides blogging, Lynn enjoys reading and writing mainstream fiction and speculative fiction, but you might find a historical romance among her collections as well. She currently lives in Southwest Kansas but looks forward to building a home in Colorado. She attends a Creative Writing class at the local college to sharpen her talents and increase her creative juices. 

Author of The Wishing Well Curse, now in paperback, and several short stories published in The Clockwork Dragon.

She blogs at Sitting on the Porch, Visiting with Lynn

You can find her on Twitter and Facebook


3 thoughts on “Teardrop Campers?

  1. What a neat adventure, Lynn! I have seen those campers before, and also thought they were awesome. Sounds like a fun pastime. And congrats on the new book!

    Jennette, thanks for introducing us to Lynn! 🙂

  2. Lynn Donovan says:

    Yes, Laura. I love camping with my husband and the other tear droppers. They are an awesome bunch of people! And thank you for congrats. Its a God thing and I give all glory to Him.

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