Coffee Brains

Good Monday morning!


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photo credit: thesparechangekitchen: Louise Vansleve

Ha, I can hear the yawns and the growls. Don’t talk to me before I’ve had my caffeine. Can you relate? Three Sundays ago, I was making coffee at church in one of those BIG hot-water-ready machines and I poured half of the freshly made decaf back in the water reservoir. What? Yeah, hadn’t had my usual dose of caffeine that morning. Yawn.

Recently a friend posted a link to an article about caffeine. I ignored it. I was afraid it was going to be one of those STOP drinking coffee articles. I love my tea, my coffee, but I’m finding that its helping less and less to get a good jump start on the day, except for staving off caffeine-depended headaches. And a second cup to help pull me through the afternoon just makes me jittery and buzzy. Coffee Brains. So I decided to read the article. Bingo. My lack of get-up-and-go stemmed from two reasons.

  1. I’m a mom of a spit-fire little monkey and the energizer bunny coupled with late nights, yeah, no amount of caffeine is going to fix that. SLEEP.
  2. My body has developed a tolerance for it. So I get less bang for my cup of joe/tea in the morning. Man, it sounds like I’m drugs or something. Oh, wait, I am!

So what should we do? Ante up the serving? No, this articles suggests lessening your caffeine take and saving it for the day you really need a jump start. Yeah, like that’s going to happen. LOVE me some tea in the morning, a little sugar, a little cream. Mmmm…

But perhaps there’s another way? Just maybe if I take better care of myself and eat healthier and get more sleep, would I need the caffeine? I used to shower in the morning, that helped a little but with the monkey and the energizer bunny, that won’t be happening for a long time. Now is not the time for muddled brains! I need clarity, objectivity and a color-coded schedule. I thought caffeine helped with those, but not so much anymore.

What do you think? Yay or nay? Are you a coffee, tea, or a pop person? (Yeah, yeah, I know. I’m from the North.) What do you do to get a jump start on the day? Any of y’all use B vitamins or supplements?

Well, here’s to a great start for the rest of the week. And no, I won’t be cutting back on my caffeine intake at this point, I’m only drinking a pot two cups a day. 😀


Drunken Cow

Time for something fun and light-hearted.


Since I couldn’t upload a pic of a cow, here’s an old one of two steers. 🙂

The first time my parents had a dairy farm I was about 10-12 years old. Let me just say, country people have adventures. I look back over all the crazy stuff we did as kids, and it was nothing to what my parents did when they were kids. But this story isn’t so much adventurous as it was funny.

One night, my mom was trying to milk a new cow. The cow was a dark Jersey with white splotches here and there. She might have been a heifer, first time milker, but mostly she was ornery, and if we couldn’t get her to let her milk down, she could get milk fever which could kill her. So, this was serious stuff.

This cow, we called her Oreo, was jumping all over the place and kicking. My mom had the “kicker” on her, so she wouldn’t kick us, but she wasn’t having none of it. So my mom told me to go get a butter dish and put some brandy in it. Now, when I think back to that night, we never had fake butter, so why would we have a butter dish? Anyways, I went in the house and found a cool whip container. I was generous with the brandy, not sure what mom was going to use it for. When I brought her the half-full cool whip container, she told me to mix it into the grain and give it to Oreo. Okay. So I did that.

Who knows how much time went by. We had other cows to milk. Now at this age, I don’t remember exactly what my chores were except feeding the cows, maybe I was going before her and washing them, but I wasn’t milking them yet.

Anyways, Oreo started leaning against her stall, and her milk was just gushing out of her udder. My mom ran over there trying to get her milked, just enough for the calf. Then Oreo started weaving on her feet. My mom yanked the kicker off just as Oreo flopped on the ground with the milking unit still attached to her. 

Mom cleaned her up and asked me how much brandy I had given her. I showed her the cool whip container. Yeah. Oops.

Have you had a fun/crazy experience when you were a kid or as adult where you look back and say, whoops? Please share! 🙂

Flat Stanley MIA

Flat Stanley

Epic fail this week. You see, I was so excited that our cousins up in Minnesota wanted to send Flat Stanley to us to take him on some adventures, I was thinking of all the cool things that he could do in Texas while he visited us, and what our kiddos would be doing, and how that was all going to work out. Well, Flat Stanley ended up going with us to AWANA. I even made him a nice little vest so he wouldn’t feel out of place. Then we were going to take him to the renaissance fair, and I was going to make him this really cool pirate hat, but then it rained. So he was stuck here in Texas until I could get the pictures printed off. So finally, I had the pictures, a post card, and a letter written up. I put it all in the self-addressed, stamped letter and thought, yea, we did it!

Um, no.

Sunday night I was looking through my planner to figure out what I needed to work on this week and not forget anything, and guess what I found? Flat Stanley. 😦

And guess when he was supposed to be back? Yeah, today! Sigh. Hopefully the letter and pictures all returned to the classroom in time, but Flat Stanley will be missing in action until I can mail him back.

Hello Monday!

Hope y’all had a great weekend and are ready to tackle your week. I know I’m gonna give it my best shot. 🙂

Living In The Now

If you ask me how my week was, I’ll probably give you a blank stare. Let’s see…I’m here, I’m breathing, I’ve got a to-list the size of Mount Kilimanjaro. Whether I’ve had a good week or a bad one, it’s gone, in the past. I’m living in the moment. The here and now. So I might have had a great day, or might have struggled, failed, cried the other days, but all that is history. All that matters is now. What am I going to do with the time I have today? If I bemoan the should’ves and could’ves, or my failures and struggles, or if I worry about the future, I’m wasting energy. Today has enough troubles in it, and I only have enough energy for today. So here’s hoping you all have a great, productive day and the rest of the week. 🙂

On a side note: The Clockwork Dragon Anthology is going live tomorrow! We might even catch a glimpse of him tonight. Needless to say, my anxiety is peaking, that might also explain the blank stare. Ha! Look at what the publisher put together:

 Y’all go have an adventure, read a book, live your dreams!

 Living life balanced between reality and dreams

Update: The Clockwork Dragon is now live & it’s free today! Whoohoo!

Find it on Amazon.

Dropping the Ball

No Yo Ho today. I’ve dropped the ball, but for good reason. Keeping my sanity. Ha! This weekend we celebrated my son’s fourth birthday with LarryBoy.

The world needs a hero!

I am that hero!

The cake!

We had plunger practice and pin the plunger on LarryBoy. Fun times. And in between party preparations, the actual party itself, and normal everyday life, I was pouring over my short stories, making last minute tweaks and accepting the editorial changes. So needless to say our discussion on backstory in the beginning will take place next Monday.

Hope you all have a great week!

Snapshots: Living life balanced between reality and dreams.

Celebrating My Precious

Four years ago, I gave birth to my precious son. And yes, that is play on my precious… yes, friends, you know who you are! You see, for six years we had desired his arrival. Since we’re not guaranteed tomorrow, my hubby and I figured we’d start our family right away. Then a year passed, and another one. Pretty soon, I didn’t care if I ever had kids. It’s funny really, how I’ve come full circle. First I wanted to be a homemaker, that didn’t happen, then I was going to be a career woman, and then I got pregnant. Ha. But in that time my desire to be an author was rekindled.

My son’s name was long picked out before he was even thought of. Samueli. God has heard. (with a Zambian twist to it) When and if we ever got pregnant. Perfect right? Well, I wasn’t entirely certain about that name until I had watched Lord of the Rings for the umpteenth time, but this time I was pregnant and fell in love with the name. Frodo and Sam in Mordor. You know the scene. Frodo can’t go on, and Sam is talking to him about the shire and strawberries. Then Sam hauls Frodo up and carries him. Sigh.

Happy Birthday my precious Sam!

Cake Decorating Take 2

So last Friday, I shared my attempts at cake decorating and promised to show you all the Cajón cake that I would be working on that weekend. Drum roll please!



For those of you, who weren’t sure what a Cajón looks like, here is the picture I was working from:

Have a great weekend!

Updated: Here is the Cajón in action. Featuring my husband’s old singing group, Zambian Vocal Group, Keith Mullins and Keona at Dollywood. Good times!